Uttarakhand Gramya Vikas Samiti

enable rural households to take up sustainable livelihood opportunities integrated with the wider economy

Component D :

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Livelihood Support Systems

  • A total of 103 Business Promoters (including 22 federations BPs) have been engaged by project for providing business facilitation to project communities.

  • ULIPH promoted 1,55,930 Income Generating activities, 12,026 micro-enterprises and 873 service enterprises or SMEs during the reporting period.

  • Under Rural Finance initiatives, 2,175 CCLs amounting to Rs. 79.45 mn were mobilized from banks in the reporting period.

  • The project has facilitated disbursement of 1109 term loans for micro-enterprise establishment worth Rs. 64.26 mn. ranging from Dairy (650), Off season vegetables (56), Rural Non-Farm Sector (172) and others (221). The loans taken by individuals are 1273 for Rs. 103.92 mn and those taken by SHGs are 172 for Rs. 28.68 mn.

  • A total of 2,797 KCCs including 2,728 individual KCC for Rs. 70.74 mn and 69 institutional or SHG based KCC for Rs. 2.4 mn. Total amounting to Rs. 73.07 mn were mobilized in the reporting period.