Uttarakhand Gramya Vikas Samiti

enable rural households to take up sustainable livelihood opportunities integrated with the wider economy

ILSP Management Information System :

    ILSP MIS & Knowledge Management Center

    ILSP has developed an in-house indigenous online Management Information System (MIS) equipped with various customized tools for planning, execution and monitoring of project components and subcomponents. It has provisions to generate various reports for various sections with following features:-  AWPB/RAWPB Planning, Achievement, Synchronize with Tally data, Procurement Planning & Actual, Contract Log (FC-10, FC-11), Map based information upto village level, LC/Federation wise Social, Administrative, Business data, PG/VPG/SHG/JLG wise Social, Saving & Thrift & other information, Online RIMS/Logframe calculation from Real Time data, Online Staff Performance Assessment.

    ILSP Vocational Training MIS

    A separate MIS is developed in-house for Skill Development program which includes details of students starts from training upto 1 year of complete employment, linked with real time bio-metric attendance system.

    ILSP Integrated Implementation MIS [Other Institutions]

    MIS for tracking progress related to integrated implementation through different stakeholders i.e. line departments, boards, Universities, Civil Society etc.

  • ILSP MIS & KM Center
  • ILSP Vocational Training MIS
  • ILSP Integrated Implementation MIS
  • SECC-11,UK

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