Integrated Livelihood Support Project

The Geographical area of Uttarakhand is about 53483 Sq. Kms and the terrain and topography is largely hilly. Livestock farming is the second most important occupation of people after agriculture which helps substitute’s livelihoods of the poor, marginal farmers through providing milk, manure, meat and wool.

Families with small land holding are depend on natural fodder resources including forest area to feed their livestock. There is number of challenges faced by livestock sector in Uttarakhand. There is 36% fodder deficit in the state and that is the reason production of milk per animal is low.

Under various intervention we have been doing to overcome the fodder deficit, increase the milk production per animal and provide proper marketing under ILSP project areas.

Some Interventions are as follows –

  • Production of high yielding cattle Buffalo through Artificial Insemination of quality germ plasm
  • Fodder development area for fodder production
  • Establishment of Paravet centres
  • Establishment of milk collection centres
  • Goat and Sheep Pashu Sakhi (Paravet)
  • Development of complete value chain of livestock sector

Breed improvement through AI

ILSP have funded to Uttarakhand Livestock Development Board for establishment of 164 paravet centers those include 19 women paravet centers on ILSP project areas. They provide artificial insemination, castration, vaccination and first aid to livestock.

They performed about 110,000 AI in cattle and Buffalos and 47,000 crossbreed progeny has been born, 105,000 vaccinations, 12000 castrations and these data are keep increasing day by day.

Fodder Development

Govt. Fodder and Fodder Seed Production Farm Bhaiswara District Almora developed as a centre of Excellence for fodder production. Bhaiswara Farm produces seed of different varieties of fodder grass like, Rai, Gucchi, Dholni, Brome, Butter grass etc.

Napier grass roots distributed to farmers of ILSP. About 650 ha of uncultivated land used for fodder production in 131 LCs in which leafy fodder trees like Bangh, Kachnar, Kairal, Sahtoot plants are planted and the Napier roots rooted. This fulfils the fodder demand and also reduces women drudgery.

In the area of ILSP, livestock sector has mainly 3 value chains planned i.e. Dairy, Goatery & Poultry along with fisheries at some places.


100 milk collection centres established in 55 Livelihood Collectives(LC) and doing business of milk.

Milk products like Paneer, Ghee, trading of cattle feed are main activities there and average turnover of each LC is about 5.5 lakh per annum.


10 LCs are doing business in goatery value chain & goat feed. Backward & forward linkages have been established with venders for selling goats on the basis of body weight.

About 121 Pashu Sakhi are providing health related services to goat rearer.


9 LCs are doing business in poultry sectors. They involved in poultry farming, poultry feed business. 27 members of ManMahesh swayatta Sahkarita Aajivika Sangh Gaurihat (Pithoragarh) has become poultry entrepreneur.

The village Bhateri is an example of collective poultry farming.  At one time about 45000 chicks are reared by the members.