Multiple business activities taken up under the project

The SRCs formed in Uttarakhand under IFAD supported ILSP project have multiple business activities such as – supply of inputs i.e. seeds, pesticides/ insecticides, supply of cattle feed, Take Home Ration business, Prasad Supply to Temples, Consumer business activity, multipurpose processing hub/ Single product processing units, running of Indira Amma Canteens, Primary School and Distance education activities (linking with Open Universities), Custom service (Providing Agriculture implements and tools on rent), Dairy, promoting collective farming of MAPs and horticulture produces, marketing of various agriculture and non-farm produce of members through own outlets, exhibitions and supply to private companies, contract farming, promoting poultry, running of  Farmer markets / Kisan Outlets, running of tent house, Hosiery unit, TV/ Mobile recharge activity, Home stay/ Eco-Tourism activity, Brass copper products, transport / vehicle ( for own business and for giving on rent)  and Sanitary Napkins Work (CSR- ONGC support).

Linking Federations with ICDS “Take Home Ration” Scheme:

In several districts, women SRCs are doing business activity of supplying millets and other traditional cereals and pulses in the form of Take-Home Rations (THR) for a centrally sponsored scheme called “Integrated Child Development Service” (ICDS) Scheme. In district Almora, ten SRCs are providing THR. Besides benefits to the farmers who provide their produce, the activity has also provided wage employment to around 3000 rural women.

Integrated Multipurpose Processing Hub

It is an example of a multi-purpose processing centre run by a SRC (Nari Ekta cooperative) at village Mangalta of Jamradi cluster of Bhasiyachana block, Almora. The centre is a conglomeration of various processing machines such as mini flourmill, mini oil expeller, mini rice mill, micro pulveriser, spice mill, paddy polisher, paddy dehusker etc. at one platform.

The centre is used by the SRC for providing customer services, supply of spices to schools for mid-day meals and for selling the products directly to individuals and institutions.

Eco-Tourism and promotion of traditional crops

Project is supporting federations to have Eco-tourism which has proved to be a good linkage for the sale of traditional crops as traditional recipes are promoted in these centers.

Few examples are – Matkanya village in Gurnabanj near Jageshwar, Almora wherein through a private organisation- “Village ways Pvt. Ltd” tourist from UK, Australia, USA and various other countries visit the center. Similar examples are seen in Ghuttu village in Ghansali, Tehri, and Sitel, Ghat block as well as Lohjaung, wan &Kuling of Dewal, Chamoli.

Restaurants/ Milk/ Ice cream Parlours

Milk and other dairy products of dairy farmers are marketed by SRCs in different districts. In Uttarkashi and Bageshwar Milk parlour/ Milk bar run by SRCs is a good example of marketing the products of farmers directly. Similarly, a Restaurant in Almora city by an SRC is a good example of utilising bakery and other food items produced by farmers, especially women. The initiatives provide job employment to youth who are being engaged in these parlours.

Food Processing initiatives and promotion of ‘HILANS’ brand

There are more than 28 processing units i.e. Flour Mill, Pickle making, juice making etc. established by various SRCs of Almora, Bageshwar, Chamoli and Tehri districts. Several SRCs in different districts are doing the business of producing spices utilising the produce of farmers and adding value.

A HilansChik-Chop shop (Poultry) in Pithoragarh by an SRC provides chicken, chicks, fodder, medicines and equipments to the poultry farmers. Poultry centre earn Rs. 1 lakh including earning of 50000 for the youth engaged in the activity. The processing units provide additional employment to local farmer’s households.

Other Activities

Agriculture Tool Manufacturing unit  – A SRC of Rudraprayag- ‘Lata Baba SRC’ has successfully taken up manufacturing of agriculture tools which are marketed directly to the farmers and to various agencies under convergence initiatives.

Agriculture Tool Manufacturing unit – A SRC of Rudraprayag- ‘Lata Baba SRC’ has successfully taken up manufacturing of agriculture tools which are marketed directly to the farmers and to various agencies under convergence initiatives.

Bakery units and Jam, pickle, juice production- In Bageshwar, MaaChilta  SRC experiment of  biscuit making has become so popular that Prime Minster of India has mentioned it in ‘Mann Ki Baat’ (43 episode) programme. Similarly, SRCs in Almora have started producing high end bakery products such as Muffins, chocolate marble cake and also jam, pickle and juices. About 30 members in bakery unit and 35 in processing unit from different groups are engaged.

Pick up vans by SRCs –Several SRCs in different districts have purchased Pick up vans using their own money. These vans are used for marketing of farmers’ produce and also for giving services to other federations/ organisations.  This has enhanced the income of the SRCs.

Prasad Making through Groups – Cooperatives are supplying Prasad made from Cholai (Amranthus) to the different temples. The activity provides an additional income source to rural households. The farmers are also getting good prices of their rural produce used in Prasad making.

Consumer Business activity by LCs–One of the key business activities of LCs is consumer business. LCs provides consumer goods to the members on reasonable rates which reduces the expenditure per household. Moreover, LCs also get good margin due to bulk purchase from suppliers. This is taken up in majority of SRCFs.